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IVS 2017

At the IVS fair, which will be held from May 24 to 25 in Bergamo, Valpres will present two product lines recently added to its portfolio: the new range of floating ball valves

At the IVS fair, which will be held from May 24 to 25 in Bergamo, Valpres will present two product lines recently added to its portfolio: the new range of floating ball valves according to the API 608 standard and the High-rangeability control ball valves with crank-arm type actuator and pilot pressure zero bleed steady state system.

With these products, Valpres wants to consolidate its presence on the petrochemical market and the high-pressure gas distribution market, which are sectors for the growth of the company.

It should also be noted that the introduction of the API 608 line offers the opportunity to integrate Valpres valves with Valbia actuators, in order to exploit the synergies within the Bonomi group.


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