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During the H2O exhibition (october,17-19), Rubinetterie Bresciane will present you SMART-CLICK,the gas meter valve with electronic lock, operated and powered by a USB key.

During the H2O exhibition (october, 17-19), Rubinetterie Bresciane will present you SMART-CLICK, the gas meter valve with electronic lock, operated and powered by a USB key (the battery managing isn’t at charge of Utilities), which allows to digitally manage the user IDs, instead of using the current mechanical keys. It is possible to code USB user keys directly on site, with a special ANDROID app, and to reactivate remotely defaulter users. The SMART CLICK allows to have a limitless number of combinations and it gives Gas Utilities the possibility to have proprietary key combinations. 

Visit our stand to discover more about our new products: stand A19-B20, booth 22.



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