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AHR 2019

Bonomi North America will be exhibiting at AHR EXPO in Atlanta Georgia on January 14th-16th, 2019. The show will be held at the World Congress Center and the Bonomi North America booth number is B4049. There will be over 2100 exhibitors, and thousands of HVACR professionals from all over the industry. Bonomi North America will be displaying numerous products featuring its latest valve and actuator technology. 

Please come and visit us at Hall B, Boot B4049.
Bonomi North America will be exhibiting at AHR EXPO in Atlanta Georgia on January 14th-16th, 2019. The show will be held at the World Congress Center and the Bonomi North America booth number is B4049. There will be over 2100 exhibitors, and thousands of HVACR professionals from all over the industry. Bonomi North America will be displaying numerous products featuring its latest valve and actuator technology. 
Please come and visit us at Hall B, Boot B4049.

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